Friday, 20 November 2009

Cake Stand News Flash!

This little beauty will be taking a starring role on 'Market Kitchen' a television programme on the Good Food Channel, tonight between 7 and 8pm. Our cake stands have been selected by none other than Jo wood, from Strictly Come Dancing and ex-wife of Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood. She's giving her guide on what you need for Christmas entertaining and considers our stands a must-have item.

Slight problem in that I don't have Sky, in fact even Channel 5 is viewed through a crackly if you do get this channel, let us know how they looked please.

Christmas Sparkle

Clare and Danny have been very busy in Mile End and are still shaking the residual glitter from two unhappy cats and very sparkly children. These beautiful glitter cups will be on sale at the East London Design Show in Shoreditch this December and we hope that for £9.50 will bring a friend or much loved relly a warm vintage glow.

Monday, 2 November 2009

Cookie Girl

If you need cookies or cupcakes then Xanthe Milton aka 'Cookie Girl' is your woman. Famous for her delectable Pina colada, Margarita and Cosmopolitan cakes; cupcakes inspired by classic desserts like Banoffee Pie and Tiramisu; and cakes and cookies for every occasion throughout the year - Christmas Pudding cupcakes, Easter nest cakes and Valentine's Day Lavender Heart cookies. If you can't get to Portabello Road on a Saturday to buy them fresh from the oven then you can purchase her finger lickin 'Eat Me' book now from March 2010, pre-orders can be made on Amazon. Plus you can see our 'Pansies and Plums' cake stand featured in the book and laden with her delicious creations.

Cupcakes are incredibly fashionable - they are easy to make and customize, stunning to look at and have become ubiquitous at A-list parties. Cookie Girl's unique and delectable creations have become hugely popular. Now Cookie girl is running her own baking/icing and even hen party decorating classes, so there's no exscuse not to make your own creations with 80 recipes to drool over. Email to get the dates, the venue, the know how and the taste of home baking..makes me want to eat one now.