Thursday, 4 December 2008

"Porcelain anarchy" and other lovely words

Its always lovely when you start up a business to see other people talking about your products, and we're very pleased that our vintage china cake stands have been picked up by some blogs of impeccable taste and style in the past week or so.

Retrotogo, the doyen of hip retro goods featured us here saying

"There aren’t many things more civilised than taking afternoon tea with cakes presented on a tiered cake stand. The wonderfully named Let Them Eat Cake specialise in making cake stands from vintage china"

We were then picked up by Hemfeber, a beautifully curated Swedish design blog, which featured our lovely stands here. Our Swedish is non existent, but using the Translator on the page we are described as

"...a little cute in a way that I get a sense of a grandmother who has lost a little grip"


"...completely porcelain anarchy"

which I think sums us up perfectly. In fact I think "Porcelain Anarchy" is a great name for a shop...

Last, but not least, Little Willow a US design blog picked us up here with a lovely write up.

Thank you one and all and remember to keep on spreading the Let them eat Cake porcelain anarchy around the web!

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