Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Dreamy weekend full of cake ....paradise

Let them eat Cake stands were out and about and very busy last weekend. First stop was Paradise Gardens where the East End WI piled them high with the yummiest cakes and prettiest flowers imaginable.

Only at Paradise Gardens would you find this robotic pink creature parading the park dealing with your empties by shouting 'recycling is fun' - while striking the fear of the god into small children.

Final picture shows our chief and 1st mate plate drillers (Clare's dad and hubby) returning from a hair-raising trip on the Carters Steam Fair "Victory Dive Bomber". They both got more than they bargained for, but at the age of 79, truly a victory dive for Clare's dad.

Meanwhile I'd loaded some stands with vanilla cupcakes and chocolate dipped strawberries as my contribution to our neighbour, Lisa's garden party. The table was groaning with all the gorgeous food creations - including Caroline's famous cream and strawberry jam scones. The story goes that our hosts found the last two amidst the debris in the morning and had them for breakfast - bliss!

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