Thursday, 9 July 2009

Production HQ in motion

We've finally reached the point where we need to gather all our china from the far flung corners of the UK and from under our beds and put them in one place. Clare's parents (Nigel and Glenys) have kindly agreed to let us build our new production department (shed) in their lovely back garden.

Thankfully, Nigel (chief Ltec driller) and Glenys (china fiend) are well used to the mayhem, drilling and creating that goes along with this type of activity. After all, we've temporarily interrupted Nigel building a boat for the Burgess clan (Clare's family) in order to drill holes in our lovely china. Thankfully Danny (Clare's hubby) and JB (Clare's brother) were on hand to help install electricity, water and a shelving system to die for.

It's a very exciting time for us because once all our china is in one place, then we can begin the next big cake stand sort - more on that to follow.

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