Wednesday, 15 July 2009

China overboard....

Glenys and Nigel have not only allowed us to build our Production HQ in their back Garden, but also (some may say madly) for Bishops Stortford to be home to our next big three day cake stand creating melee. After 15 hours, a lot of tea, several G & T's and a lot of huffin and puffin, we erected 2 gazebos and divided about 1,500 pieces of china into colour, style and set categories. At the end there was not a blade of grass in sight - just a sea of china. Midge (pet dog) was not amused.

Over the next 3 days, we mixed and mismatched and whooped with delight at some of the stunners we found. Charlotte (in the green top) friend and talented wordsmith, joined us as our guest cake stand creator and mismatcher. She put together some real beauties and surprises and helped towards creating our next 100 'Let them eat Cake' stand delights, which will be with you very soon.

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